Time pic

Beta Suiter in the Beta-suit

The Beta Suiter a.k.a the protagonist is the main character of the game.

Usually referred to as "You" which is the only name ever given to the main character of the story. "You" does not have an official name, nor does he have a nickname. While "you" may be any gender, it is inferred that "you" is a male. This is implied by cut-scenes from the viewpoint of "You" where he often sees Dr. Marissa Foster in the nude (implying a relationship) though "You" may be a homosexual female. The Beta Suiter follows Krone after he used the Alpha suit to make a Time-Jump. The Beta Suiter's use of the Beta Suit which is the major defining mechanic of the game.

Although initially he seems to be a scientist working on the time travel suits later cut scenes suggest he is an agent of a unknown agency assigned to eliminate Dr Krone if he attempts a time jump. However it does seem that the Beta Suiter would need to have qualifications in the relevant fields to work at N.E.X.T 2.

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