[Rocket Launcher]
Damage: ~ 550
Rate of Fire: 60 rpm 
Clip Size: 4 
Max Ammo: 12 + 4
Primary Fire: Single shot
Secondary Fire: Variable scope + laser-guided rocket
First Acquired: Level 10: Point of Impact


The Bloodhound is a powerful shoulder-fire rocket launcher. The rockets 
do lots of damage, with a decent splash damage radius, and can kill any 
enemy (with the exception of Warp Guards) with a single shot. The 
rocket launcher is also the only weapon you have that is effective 
against enemy vehicles, such as Sentry mech robots or Helo attack 


With its powerful rockets, the Bloodhound works well against groups of 
enemy soldiers, or powerful Quantum Guard enemies such as Flash Guards 
or Storm Guards.

The Bloodhound is equipped with a scope you can use to target distant 
enemies. More importantly, while in the scoped view mode, the 
Bloodhound emits a laser dot that can be used to guide rockets to the 
laser's location (similar to the RPG launcher from the Half Life 

The drawback to the Bloodhound is that ammo for it is quite limited. 
You can only carry a maximum of 16 shots for it at once, and you'll 
almost never be able to acquire Bloodhounds from enemy soldiers or 
weapon crates. You'll only be able to refill ammo for it at ammo 


Due to the limited ammo available for the Bloodhound, you might not 
want to carry it around. While it's very powerful, most enemies (even 
Quantum Guards) can be dispatched easily enough using weaker weapons 
(the ThunderBolt, for example). There are only a few enemies in the 
entire game that require a rocket launcher to defeat (1 Sentry and 2 
Helos), and the game already provides you with a fully loaded rocket 
launcher whenever you fight them. 


Only a handful of enemy soldiers carry rocket launchers. However,
the ones that do are EXTREMELY dangerous; a direct rocket hit will
drop your health down to 1% on Skilled (Normal) difficulty, and kill
you outright on Elite (Hard) difficulty. The rockets also have
a fairly large splash damage radius. Enemy rocket launcher
soldiers typically snipe at you from long range, from guard towers
or catwalks.

Fortunately, your suit's S.S.A.M. A.I. will usually warn you when
a soldier with a rocket launcher is about to appear. Take cover
and counter-snipe them with an echo Echo Rifle or ThunderBolt

You can activate Time Slow and shoot rockets out of the air with
your automatic weapons, but it's generally easier just to dodge
behind cover to avoid them.