Damage: 1000+
Max Ammo: 3

Clutch grenades are the only grenade type available in the game's 
single-player campaign. As in many shooters these days, you can toss 
grenades separately, while still holding on to your firearm. Clutch 
grenades work similar to frag grenades, in that they explode about a 
second or two after landing. The splash damage radius is reasonably 
large, and can kill multiple enemies.

If a clutch grenade touches an enemy, it will attach itself to that 
enemy and deliver a powerful electrical shock, bringing the enemy to 
their knees shortly before the grenade explodes. Being stuck with a 
single clutch grenade is fatal against even the strongest enemy 

Clutch grenades are also very common, as enemy soldiers will drop 1 or 
2 of them quite often. You should feel free to use them liberally, as 
they're a good help in softening up groups of enemies.

If you get stuck by a clutch grenade, you can use Time Reverse to 
"rewind" the grenade off you and send it back to the soldier who threw 
Clutch Grenades are not affected by time stop and slow, and once thrown, will detonate after it's fuse time in real time


Enemy soldiers will often toss clutch grenades at you; they're actually
very accurate throwers, and will usually tag you with the grenade unless
you dodge quickly. Enemies are also fond of using grenades to flush you
out of cover, so you may find one landing next to you if you hide behind
a piece of cover for too long.

Clutch grenades are dangerous, but not instantly lethal; as long as you
have full shields, a direct clutch grenade hit should take away about
75% of your shields, but leave you still alive.

If you are tagged with a grenade, you can use Time Reverse to unstick
the grenade from you and send it back to the guy who threw it. Note that
the grenade will return to your position once you turn off Time Reverse,
so you'll want to move to another position before that happens.

Note that if you shoot an enemy when they're about to toss a grenade,
they'll often flinch in pain and drop the primed grenade right at their
feet. The resulting explosion should take out them and possibly a couple
of their teammates.



Clutch grenade