Dr. Aiden Krone is the main antagonist of the game. He takes control of the Alpha-suit and travels back in time to create an alternative time line where he is in power.

Dr. Krone seems short tempter, intolerant and violent. He is willing to kill all of his research staff to achieve his goals and takes a dictator like position in the alternative time life.

Detail from game manualEdit

Dr. Aiden Krone is a former Professor of Applied Physics. During his fifteen years,he begrudgingly taught a single graduate-level Statistical Mechanics course between his exhaustive research efforts. The motivation behind his research work was to justify and document his advancements, and therefore his seemingly endless need for concurrent research grants.It was during this time that he hand-selected a group of his most capable grad students to document his (private) research. The studies branched across multiple fields, including Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, Advanced Propulsion and, ultimately, Quantum Mechanics & Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). It was secretly dubbed the “N.E.X.T.2” program – Next-Gen Eng for the Exploration of Time Travel. The opus of their collaborative efforts is the Suit.