[Sniper Rifle]
Damage: 125
Rate of Fire: 120 rpm 
Clip Size: 4 
Max Ammo: 20 + 4
Primary Fire: Single shot
Secondary Fire: Variable scope
First Acquired: Level 7: Getaway


The Echo Rifle is a very accurate semi-automatic sniper rifle with
both a laser-sight and a variable scope for sniping distant enemies.
The bullets are hitscan, and will strike your target the instant you
pull the trigger. The Echo Rifle has an extremely long range (with a
maximum zoom of 9x, according to the game's manual), and allows you
to pick off enemies from a safe distance. It's also got a relatively
quick rate of fire for a sniper rifle. However, it has a very low
clip size, and needs to be reloaded after every 4 shots. It's also
poor for close-range combat, since it has no crosshair when unzoomed
and thus is difficult to aim when firing from the hip.


The big drawback to the Echo Rifle is that, by the time you pick one 
up, you'll be facing Krone Guards, who have heavier armor than the 
Krone Police you've previously been fighting. Krone Guards are tough 
enough that it takes 2 sniper rifle shots to the chest to kill them. 
You can kill any enemy soldier with a single headshot, though, so try 
to score headshots as much as possible with the sniper rifle (since 
enemies often strafe and dodge, Time Slow helps a lot).

Unfortunately, ammo for the Echo Rifle is quite rare, since you'll 
seldom find it in weapon crates or carried by enemy soldiers. You can 
restock Echo Rifle ammo at ammo crates, though, and ammo crates are 
more common in the game's later levels.


The Echo Rifle makes an excellent weapon for sniping enemies from long 
range, which can make the game much easier. However, the ThunderBolt 
crossbow serves a similar function. While both the Echo Rifle and the 
ThunderBolt have their pros and cons, the ThunderBolt is the overall 
better weapon (with better stopping power and a much larger ammo 
capacity), and I recommend you trade the Echo Rifle for the ThunderBolt 
as soon as you can find one.


You'll occasionally see enemy snipers armed with Echo Rifles, typically
positioned high up in guard towers or catwalks where they can snipe
at you from long range. Fortunately, echo rifles emit a red laser
targeting beam that gives away the position of the sniper.

Enemy snipers are very dangerous. They can bring you down to 1%
health with 2 shots on Skilled (Normal) difficulty, and kill you
in 2 shots on Elite (Hard) difficulty. Also, thanks to their laser
targeting system, snipers are very accurate and have nearly perfect
aim. Fortunately, there's a second or two delay between their shots,
allowing you to dodge behind cover.

Enemy snipers are best counter-sniped with your own Echo Rifle
or ThunderBolt crossbow. As always, using Time Slow to increase
your speed makes killing them much, much easier.