[Submachine Gun]
Damage: Primary Fire: Varies 
        Secondary Fire: ~ 160
Rate of Fire: Primary Fire: 600 rpm
              Secondary Fire: 600 rpm 
Clip Size: Primary Fire: 45
           Secondary Fire: 20 
Max Ammo: Primary Fire: 315 + 45
          Secondary Fire: 220 + 20
Primary Fire: Incendiary rounds
Secondary Fire: Flamethrower
First Acquired: Level 13: Forced Entry

The Hell-Fire submachine gun is the signature weapon of Krone's Storm 
Guards. This small, pistol-sized automatic weapon might not look 
particularly fearsome, but it rapid-fires powerful incendiary thermite
bullets that can kill enemy infantry with only a few hits. The Hell-Fire
is also equipped with a white phosphorus/carbon disulfide flamethrower for
barbequing enemies at short range. The Hell-Fire has a large clip size,
and is also quite accurate, allowing you to shoot enemies at medium-long
range using zoom mode.


The Hell-Fire is an excellent close-to-medium range weapon, and is 
great for clearing corridors of enemy soldiers. It only takes a few 
hits to kill even the toughest standard infantry soldier. The Hell-
Fire's incendiary rounds even set enemies on fire, causing them to drop 
their weapon and flail around in pain for a few seconds before dying. 
Krone Guards can occasionally survive being set on fire, though, so you 
might want to pump a couple extra rounds into them while they're 
flailing around just to make sure. The Hell-Fire bullets also
bypass the ballistic protection of enemy helmets; a single headshot
from the Hell-Fire will kill any enemy soldier.

The Hell-Fire is less effective against Quantum Guards, who cannot be 
set on fire and take reduced damage from Hell-Fire rounds. It takes 
about 12 hits to kill a Flash Guard, and 27 hits to kill a Storm Guard. 
However, a single headshot should kill any Quantum Guard you face, so 
try to use Timeslow/Timestop then shoot them in the head when you meet 

The Hell-Fire's attached flamethrower is a short-range weapon with a 
range of about 15 to 20 feet; it does heavy damage and has a high rate 
of fire, and works well for burning down enemy soldiers. I didn't use 
it much, since the primary fire is very effective already, but it's 
another option if you're looking for some variety.

While ammo for the Hell-Fire is somewhat uncommon (you can only get
Hell-Fire guns from defeated Storm Guards or a few weapon crates), you
can carry a LOT of ammo for it, and you only need a few bullets to kill
each enemy. You can use the Hell-Fire frequently, refilling ammo at ammo
crates, and not need to worry much about running out of ammo.


Overall, the Hell-Fire is an excellent weapon that kills standard enemy 
soldiers very quickly. I highly recommend using it as your standard 
close-to-medium range weapon for indoor combat. It's accurate enough
for long range combat, too, though the Thunderbolt crossbow
or sniper rifle are preferable at long range. The Hellfire also works well
for scoring headshots, especially against Quantum Guards; a single headshot
from the Hell-Fire should bring down any enemy, even a Quantum Guard;
just be sure to use Timeslow or Timestop to cancel out their assorted
defensive powers.


The Hell-Fire is the signature weapon of the Storm Guards, who are
always armed with one. They can use the primary fire to mow you
down in a couple seconds, or the flamethrower secondary fire to
barbeque you even faster at close range. Their Hell-Fires make
Storm Guards extremely dangerous at close-to-medium range, so
you'll want to keep as far away as possible.

Generally, normal human soldiers aren't equipped with Hell-Fires.
However, on the last level of the game (Level 24: COnsequences),
you'll find two Krone Police Sergeants armed with Hell-Fires.
These guys will ambush you at close range, so watch out or they'll
kill you in a second or two. A Krone Guard can also be seen wielding
a Hell-Fire towards the end of Level 23: En Route.



The Hell-fire