Damage: 35

Rate of Fire: 200 rpm

Clip Size: 16

Max Ammo: 112 + 16

Primary Fire: Single shot

Secondary Fire: 4-shot burst

First Acquired: Level 1: Arrival


The KM-33 is the game's standard sidearm, a select-fire pistol with a large magazine that can be fired in either single shots, or 4-shot bursts. It's one of the first weapons you acquire in the game.


The KM-33 does more than twice as much damage as the KM 2103 Karbine, and has a decent rate of fire and relatively large clip size. However, it's still not quite as good a weapon as the faster, fully automatic Karbine.

The KM-33's secondary fire is a 4-shot burst. Although this lets you hit an enemy with 4 bullets at once, it usually takes at least 2 bursts to kill an enemy soldier. The 4-shot burst also has moderate recoil, causing the gun's aim to climb upward. As a result, it's less accurate than the primary fire, and really only works at medium range. On the plus side, the 4-shot burst kills enemies marginally faster than automatic Karbine fire in medium-range combat.

Ammo for the KM-33 is also rare, since few enemies carry it and you won't find any laying around in weapon crates. Only Engineers carry KM- 33s, and only a few of them do so.

If you do use the KM-33, remember to tap the fire button instead of holding it down, for a much better rate of fire.


Overall, there's not much point to the KM-33. While it's OK for killing Krone Police in the early stages of the game, both the Karbine and the ShatterGun are much better weapons. There's really no reason to use the KM-33 pistol, unless you run low on ammo for the other two guns. You should trade the KM-33 for a better weapon as soon as you get the chance to.

One trick you can use the KM-33 for is to dodge out of cover, blast an enemy with the 4-shot burst, then dodge back behind cover. This lets you fire at enemies while exposing yourself for much less time. However, due to the burst-fire's inaccuracy, this is only effective at about 20 feet or less.


Very few enemies carry KM-33 pistols. A few Engineers carry KM-33s, and one or two Krone Police fight with them also. The pistol does slightly more damage to you than the KM 2103 Karbine, but overall the relatively low damage and rate of fire make this weapon not much of a threat to you.

Enemies with pistols use the single-shot primary fire at long range for accuracy, and the 4-shot burst secondary fire at close-to-medium range.