Krone Guards are an enemy in TimeShift.

Appearance: Soldier wearing angular green full body armor over blue uniform. Health: Normal: 180

Heavy: 250 Primary Weapon: KM 2103 Karbine (Karbine Bullets: 4.5% damage)
                                (Grenade Launcher: 51% damage)

All Weapons Used: KM 2103 Karbine (Karbine Bullets: 4.5% damage)

                                  (Grenade Launcher: 51% damage)
                  ShatterGun (30% damage)
                  ThunderBolt Crossbow (16.67% damage)
                  E.M.F. Cannon (8.3% damage) (Heavy Krone Guards only)
                  Echo Rifle (50% damage) (rare)  
                  Bloodhound Rocket Launcher (100% damage) (rare)
                  Hell-Fire Submachine Gun (Fire Bullets: 4.5% damage) (rare)
                                           (Flamethrower: 12.5% damage)
Other Attacks: Melee Strike (65% damage)
               Clutch Grenade (75% damage)


Krone Guards first appear on the game's 7th level, and will be the main enemies you'll face for the rest of the game. The standard infantry soldiers of the Krone Magistrate's military, Krone Guards are tougher, better trained, and better equipped than the Krone Police enemies you fought in the game's first 6 missions They can survive more damage than Krone Police, and get even tougher as the game progresses. Later in the game, Krone Guards are tough enough to survive a full Shattergun blast or a direct hit from the KM 2103 Karbine's grenade launcher. They can even take an entire clip of KM 2103 Karbine fire and keep coming, unless you shoot them at close range or in the head.

These tougher Krone Guards can be distinguished by thicker, more angular

chest armor with tubes running into it, and thigh armor pads. They
begin to appear in Mission 12: Road Trip, and are your primary opponents
in the later levels. They are also the only Krone Guards equipped with
E.M.F. Cannons, although they can come equipped with all other weapons
as well.

Krone Guards are much better equipped than Krone Police. Although they 
still mainly carry KM 2103 Karbines and occasionally Shatterguns, they 
also often can be found equipped with powerful ThunderBolt crossbows 
and E.M.F. Cannons. You'll also often encounter Krone Guard snipers 
equipped with Echo Rifles, and the occasional Krone Guard equipped with 
a Bloodhound rocket launcher (S.S.A.M. will usually warn you when a 
Krone Guard with a rocket launcher is about to appear, so watch out 
because they can kill you with a single hit.) A single Krone Guard in
Level 23: En Route is armed with a Hell-Fire, but otherwise Krone
Guards do not carry Hell-Fires.

Unlike Krone Police, Krone Guards often use the secondary fire on their 
KM 2103 Karbines to launch grenades at you. Like Krone Police, they 
also use the standard infantry tactics of taking cover, firing from
cover, moving from cover to cover, flanking your position, tossing
clutch grenades, and aggressively advancing past your cover area.

Because Krone Guards can take more damage than Krone Police, you'll 
probably want to upgrade to heavier weapons when fighting them. The KM 
2103 Karbine and Shattergun initially work alright against them, but 
you'll want to start fighting them with the ThunderBolt, E.M.F. Cannon, 
or Hell-Fire submachine gun as soon as possible.  
At long range, the best way to deal with Krone Guards is to snipe them 
from cover with the ThunderBolt crossbow. At close-to-medium range, 
it's best to blow them up with E.M.F. Cannon fire or set them alight 
with the Hell-Fire's incendiary rounds.