The Krone Magistrate is the name of a totalitarian government that has whole control over the world.


The Krone Magistrate was setup by Dr. Aiden Krone after he made his stand in the 20th century. At some point he was able to manipulate the timeline. How he distorted it is unknown but it's most likely that he rose from the bottom in politics to gradually sieze absolute power or military action - either way, he setup his own government which has complete control over the entire populace where people seem to not have many rights; basically under a dictatorship simliar to Nazis in 1930 to 1945 which is ironically where the game is set most of the time.

During Krone's reign of power many people started to despise the magistrate and wanted to bring an end to it. The Opposition was setup to overthrow the magistrate and kill Krone. However, because of the Magistrates superior technology, the Opposition was kept under control until the Protagonist arrived, whereby with the advanced artificial intelligence alongside combat designed suit, enabled the opposition to slowly but surely destroy the manufacturing plants and installations of the Magistrate, which was gradually crippling Krone's power.

Krone's power was weakening to the point he could only make a stand in alpha district and concealed in a huge sentinel to protect him and his government. Thanks to the Protagonist and his time travel capabilities he was able to successfully destroy the sentinel and kill Krone. With Krone dead the Opposition had won and the end of the totalitarian reign was over.


The Magistrate has superior advanced technology unlike what was supposed to happen during the 19th century.

The Krone Magistrate was kept together by a network which mostly spanned the entire world. The network had vast amounts of information of POW inmates and location of vital military installations and perhaps even technological archives. The network was highly encrypted which unfortunately the opposition couldn't get to. However S.S.A.M. was able to infiltrate the network and copy it and transfer it in the oppositions database ergo giving the opposition vast amounts of tactical data and prison files which helped the Opposition to co-ordinate their attacks on the Magistrate.

The Magistrate had the capabilitiy to actually manufacture their own soldiers which made them make soldiers on their own demand to control any opposition.

They owened superior weaponry such as E.M.F. Cannon and Splurge Gun which had the ability to fry and tear apart a human with great ease. They had sheilding capabilities which only the pause of time can disappear them.

The Magistrate owened huge manufacturing facilities which required huge amounts of energy involving plasma. The reactors depended on coolant systems otherwise a huge meltdown was imminent. To protect the coolant system the magistrate owned laser fields which were able to protect entrances or protect vital parts of a facility, if someone entered them they'd instantly be killed.