The urban enforcers of Krone's totalitarian regime, the Krone Police
will be the standard enemy soldiers you'll be fighting in the game's
first 6 levels. They have decent durability and good combat tactics,
and pose a credible threat, but your Timeshifting abilities give you a
significant advantage over them. They are notably tougher than the
average FPS soldier, often requiring almost 1/2 a clip of assault rifle
fire to kill.

Appearance: Soldier wearing square metal armor vest over blue uniform.

Health: 100

Primary Weapon: KM 2103 Karbine (Karbine Bullets: 4.5% damage)
(Grenade Launcher: 51% damage)

All Weapons Used: KM 2103 Karbine (Karbine Bullets: 4.5% damage)
(Grenade Launcher: 51% damage)
ShatterGun (30% damage)
KM-33 Pistol (6.25% damage) (rare)
Echo Rifle (50% damage) (rare)
ThunderBolt Crossbow (16.67% damage) (rare)

Other Attacks: Melee Strike (65% damage)
Clutch Grenade (75% damage)


Most Krone Police are equipped with KM 2103 Karbines, although some
carry ShatterGuns instead. You'll also find a few K.P. Corporals armed
with ThunderBolt crossbows in a large firefight at the end of the
second level (unfortunately, you can't take the crossbows from them
since they're firing at you from across the street), and one K.P.
Corporal is equipped with an Echo Rifle and acts as a sniper in the
game's fourth level. A couple K.P. Corporals also use KM-33 pistols
instead of Karbines, but they're really rare.

Krone Police soldiers take cover, fire from cover, move from cover to
cover, flank your position, and toss clutch grenades at you. You'll often
fight squads of several of them at once. Although Krone Police will
occasionally use their Karbines' undermounted grenade launcher, they
generally only do so if you stand in their line of sight for more than
a few seconds.


In the levels you fight the Krone Police, you'll only have access to 3
weapons; the KM-33 pistol, the KM 2103 Karbine, and the ShatterGun. The
ShatterGun works great indoors at close-quarters, but doesn't work well
outdoors at long range. The KM 2103 Karbine is a decent weapon, but it
can take half a clip of fire to take down a single Krone Police soldier
(it only takes 7 direct hits to the chest to kill a Krone Police
soldier, but shots to the arms do reduced damage, and not all bullets
hit at all at long range).

Probably the best way to kill Krone Police is to use the Karbine's
grenade launcher; a single grenade blast will kill a Krone Police
soldier, and practically every Krone Police soldier drops a KM 2103
Karbine with grenade launcher ammo. For fighting large groups, use the
grenade launcher to soften them up, then mop up the survivors with the
Karbine's primary fire combined with Timeslow.