Appearance: Soldier wearing angular metal full body armor over blue uniform. 
Health: 100
Primary Weapon: KM 2103 Karbine (Karbine Bullets: 4.5% damage)
                                (Grenade Launcher: 51% damage)
All Weapons Used: KM 2103 Karbine (Karbine Bullets: 4.5% damage)
                                  (Grenade Launcher: 51% damage)
                  ShatterGun (30% damage)
                  Echo Rifle (50% damage) (rare)  
                  ThunderBolt Crossbow (16.67% damage) (rare)
                  E.M.F. Cannon (8.3% damage) (rare)
                  Hell-Fire Submachine Gun (Fire Bullets: 4.5% damage) (rare)
                                           (Flamethrower: 12.5% damage)
Other Attacks: Melee Strike (65% damage)
               Clutch Grenade (75% damage)


K.P. Sergeants are the higher ranking leaders of the Krone Police. They 
can be distinguished from the lower-ranking K.P. Corporals by their 
more angular full body armor, instead of the square metal chestplate vests
that the Corporals wear. Despite their higher rank, they're really not that 
different from the K.P. Corporals. They use the same weapons and have 
the same level of durability, although they may be a bit tactically 

K.P. Sergeants can be found leading the K.P. Corporals into battle in 
the game's first 6 levels. You'll also fight several K.P. Sergeants 
guarding the Occupant prisoners in Level 11: Liberation. Finally, 
you'll fight several K.P. Sergeants with improved weapons just before 
the final battle with Krone's Sentinel in Level 24: Consequences.

K.P. Sergeants behave pretty much the same as the standard K.P. 
Corporals. They take cover, fire from cover, move from cover to cover,
flank your position, and toss clutch  grenades at you. While they can use
the undermounted grenade launchers attached to their Karbines, they
usually only do so if you stand in their line of sight for quite long.

Most K.P Sergeants are equipped with KM 2103 Karbines, but many are 
equipped with Shatterguns instead. A K.P. Sergeant sniper with an Echo 
Rifle will also snipe you in the game's second level, Back Again.

On the game's last level, you'll find a few K.P. Sergeants armed with 
E.M.F. Cannons and Hell-Fire submachine guns. These guys can do lots of 
damage, so don't let them get the drop on you.
Overall, K.P. Sergeants can be killed the same as regular K.P. 
Corporals. The best way to take them out is with a single shot from the 
Karbine's grenade launcher. A Shattergun blast or two at close range 
works well for indoors combat, and about half a clip of Karbine fire at 
medium-to-long range also works OK. Above all, use Timeslow or Timestop 
to get the advantage over them.