S.S.A.M. Loading Screen 01

S.S.A.M start up screen

S.S.A.M (Strategic Systems for Adaptable Metacognition) is a A.I chip that that is central to the function of the Beta suit. S.S.A.M upgrades the suits existing nano-computer.

The observed functions of S.S.A.M include.

  1. Control of timeshift abilities
  2. Heads up display control
  3. Interception of audio/visual radio transmissions
  4. Computer hacking and information storage
  5. Objectives display
  6. Monitoring of user physical and mental status.
  7. Paradox prevention.
  8. Providing Strategy information.
  9. Administering neural stimuli and replaying memories
  10. Scanner processing, including warning the user about
  • environmental hazards.
  • Quantum guards
  • Structural instabilities
  • Enemies with shields
  • Concealed threats (which is usually enemies bursting though a door/wall or land mines)

In the game S.S.A.M speaks to the player in a female childlike voice.