Damage: 35 x 6
Rate of Fire: 160 rpm 
Clip Size: 8 
Max Ammo: 112 + 8
Primary Fire: Single shot
Secondary Fire: Double shot
First Acquired: Level 1: Arrival


The ShatterGun is essentially a combat shotgun that fires a tight 
spread of 6 pellets with each shot. It has a good rate of fire and 
packs a powerful punch, and can kill most enemies with a single blast 
at close range, or 2 or 3 well-aimed shots at medium range. It's a 
fairly common firearm, and you acquire one very early in the game.


Because of its high stopping power, the ShatterGun is excellent for 
close-quarters fighting, and is your preferred weapon for in-door 
levels early in the game. At close range you can quickly blast through 
several enemy soldiers with this weapon, especially in combination with 
your Time Slow or Time Stop powers. Although the ShatterGun is less 
powerful at medium range due to the dispersal of the pellets, you can 
still kill enemies at 20 to 30 feet with 2 or 3 shots by zooming in for 
a more accurate blast.

The ShatterGun's secondary fire shoots 2 shells at once, doing double 
damage. However, this results in a somewhat slower rate of fire than 
the primary fire. The secondary fire is useful if you want to make 
absolutely sure you kill an enemy in one shot.

The ShatterGun is often carried by enemy soldiers or found in weapon 
crates, so ammo for it is reasonably common.


Overall, the ShatterGun makes an excellent early-to-mid game weapon for 
mowing through enemies at close range. However, you might consider 
trading it for a higher-powered weapon like the E.M.F. Cannon or the 
Surge Gun later in the game when better guns become available.


Many enemy soldiers are equipped with Shatterguns, especially in the
earlier stages of the game, as well as in indoor levels. Enemies with
shatterguns are murderous, and can kill you in just 4 shots on Skilled
(Normal) difficulty. You really must kill them as quickly as possible,
preferably using Time Slow to increase your reflexes and kill them
before they can shoot you.