[Crossbow] Damage: ~ 500 Rate of Fire: 60 rpm Clip Size: 10 Max Ammo: 30 + 10 Primary Fire: Single shot Secondary Fire: Variable scope First Acquired: Level 9: Better Late...


My favorite weapon in the entire game, the ThunderBolt crossbow fires rocket-propelled crossbow bolts with small explosive charges attached to them. After the bolt sticks into an enemy, the charge will detonate, blowing the enemy into small red body parts. The ThunderBolt is equipped with a variable scope, allowing you to snipe enemies at long range with it. It has a good clip size and a decent rate of fire, allowing you to tag several enemies with explosive bolts before needing to reload.


The ThunderBolt is very powerful; a single hit will kill ANY enemy with the exception of the powerful Warp Guards. The ThunderBolt works well in combination with your Timeshifting powers because you can use it as a "fire and forget" weapon. Instead of wasting a couple seconds firing into a single enemy until they die, you can fire a crossbow bolt at an enemy, then forget about them and immedietely switch to another enemy. This allows you to kill multiple foes during your limited periods of Time Slow or Time Stop.

The ThunderBolt is quite common; many Krone Guards in the game's middle and later levels carry them, and you'll often find them in weapon crates. As a result, ammo for the ThunderBolt is plentiful, and you can use it frequently without worrying about running low.

The only downside of the ThunderBolt is that the crossbow bolts travel relatively slowly when compared to bullets, allowing strafing enemies to dodge them at long range. The ThunderBolt works best when used in combination with Time Slow or Time Stop to slow or stop enemy movement and thus make them easier to hit.


I highly recommend you pick up the ThunderBolt as soon as you can, and always carry one with you. This weapon makes the game much easier, by allowing you to pick off enemies at the safer distance of long range. The ThunderBolt is also essential for picking off snipers, heavy machine gun nests, and other long-range threats.


In the second half of the game, ThunderBolt crossbows are frequently carried by the Krone Guard soldiers you'll be fighting. Practically every squad of soldiers has at least one guy armed with a ThunderBolt. The ThunderBolt bolts are much like mini-rockets; they travel quickly (but slower than bullets), explode on contact, and do decent damage. On Skilled (Normal) difficulty, 6 crossbow hits will reduce you to 1% health. 

On the plus side, Krone Guards with ThunderBolts only have average accuracy, and will often miss you at long range. Their rate of fire is also pretty average.