A Time-Jump is the sudden moving from one part of the space time to a different part. The user of the Alpha and Beta suits decide when and where their destination will be.

Time jumps seem to be barely controlled jumps to another point in time and space. Information form the game manual suggests that time travels are travelling at the speed of light though a wormhole and that the suits are necessary to survive this process.

From an outside perspective a 'jumper' seems to have a transparent energy bubble surrounding them as they perform a jump. First person perceptive for the Beta Suiter suggests time travel can resemble falling.

The game manual manual suggests the a 'jumper' is "along for the ride, hoping to survive". Time jumps are mentally taxing on a traveler, one of the functions of the beta suit is to administer neural stimuli and remind the user what they are doing.

Forced Time-JumpEdit

Should the user of the Beta Suit accidentallyl create a paradox, the suit will jump to a different point in time. When and where is unknown.

Examples of a Time Jumps in Game playEdit

There are five Time Jumps that take place during the game time shift.

The first is when Dr. Krone goes backwards in time to the 1920's-1930's and creates an alternate time. He is then followed by the Beta Suiter. The Beta suits auto return attempts a return jump but fails due to damage to the original drive. The Beta suiter must then retrieve the alpha suits origin drive to attempt a second return jump.

At the end of the game S.S.A.M detects a possible paradox and causes the suit to jump a fourth time. The destination of this jump is unknown.