Appearance: Bulky, muscular cyborg wearing green metal full body armor,
            Cylon-style helmet, and WWI German spike helmet. 
Health: 1000
Primary Weapon: Surge Gun (7% damage)
Special Ability: Time Stop (teleportation)


The most powerful and advanced of Krone's Quantum Guards, Warp Guards 
are the most dangerous single enemies you'll encounter in Timeshift. 
Warp Guards possess the Time Stop ability, which they use to teleport 
around you, attacking from out of nowhere (why they don't simply stop 
time and shoot you to death is beyond me). They typically appear in 
groups of 3; fortunately, you'll usually fight them by themselves, 
instead of alongside other enemy soldiers.

Warp Guards are equipped with powerful Surge Guns, and use the weapon's 
powerful secondary fire continuous energy beam. They can blast you apart
in less than a second of constant fire. Warp Guards are also extremely
durable, and can survive several times as much damage as a standard Krone
Guard soldier (it takes 67 KM 2103 Karbine bullets, 5 Karbine grenades, 5 
Shattergun shots, or 14 shots from the E.M.F. Cannon to kill one). Warp 
Guards are so tough it takes 2 ThunderBolt crossbow hits, 2 Bloodhound 
rocket launcher blasts, and even 2 shots from the Surge Gun's primary 
fire to kill them. They can still, however, be killed with a single 
Clutch Grenade or fully charged E.M.F. Cannon shot. Warp Guards 
teleport away after being shot, making them even more difficult to kill 
since you can only hit them with a few bullets before they escape.

Fortunately, Warp Guards are extremely rare, and you'll only fight a 
total of 10 of them throughout the entire game. 3 Warp Guards attack 
you at the very end of Level 17: Sabotage, 1 attacks at the beginning 
of Level 18: Exeunt, 3 will attack you at the end of Level 23: En 
Route, and a final 3 Warp Guards will fight you in the game's final 
battle against Krone's Sentinel.

Warp Guards do not run around, take cover behind objects, or dodge your 
attacks. Instead, they use their Time Stop ability to teleport around 
the area. A Warp Guard will teleport in, shoot you, and (if you manage 
to avoid their attack) teleport away for several seconds before 
reappearing somewhere else and attacking you again. 

Warp Guards are extremely dangerous and durable. Their Surge Gun beams 
can burn you down in a second, and they never miss as long as you're in 
their line of sight. They also teleport away as soon as you shoot them, 
preventing you from inflicting much damage on them using automatic 

The best tool you have against Warp Guards is actually your radar, 
which shows all enemies as red dots. The red dot representing the Warp 
Guard will actually appear on the radar about a second before the Warp 
Guard itself teleports into the area. Thus, the radar will 
warn you of where and when a Warp Guard will appear, allowing you to 
anticipate their appearance and get the jump on them.

To survive a Warp Guard's attack, you need to put some cover between 
yourself and it. Warp Guards never miss with their Surge Gun beams, so 
the only way to avoid taking damage is to hide behind cover. You can
also shoot a Warp Guard once they appear; when shot, Warp Guards stop
firing and teleport away.
Because Warp Guards can take so much damage, there aren't many weapons 
that are effective against them. Automatic weapons such as the KM 2103 
Karbine or Hell-Fire submachine gun are particularly ineffective, as 
Warp Guards will teleport away after being shot, and thus you can only 
hit them with a few bullets before they vanish to safety.

The absolute best way to kill a Warp Guard is to hit them with a head 
shot. Like Flash Guards and Storm Guards, Warp Guard helmets provide 
nothing in the way of ballistic protection, and they die instantly from 
a single headshot from any weapon. Use Time Slow or Time Stop when they 
appear to slow or stop them, then shoot them in the head to bring them 

Surprisingly, melee attacks are another highly effective way to kill 
Warp Guards. Use the radar to predict where they're about to appear, 
then run up to them as they teleport in, and bash them in the face with 
your melee attack. It should only take a few melee strikes (or a single 
strike to the head) to bring the Warp Guard down.